We Believe In The Power Of Collaboration

At Compass, our clients come to us with a range of marketing needs and our mission is to not only solve these problems but build a solid relationship with our partners, all while delivering breakthrough results.

This is why from our inception, we’ve decided to do things differently than the popular agency model. So, what makes us different?

Work With Compass is a lean mean marketing machine with minimal overhead. We forwent the usual agency bells and whistles and got straight down to the knitty gritty. Leveraging a globalized talent pool with local experts, we’re able to provide big agency results without the costs associated with them.


Focus On Community


Every week, we volunteer at the Northwest Harvest Cherry St food bank for their afternoon shift and serve individuals and families with items such as grains, canned goods, and fresh produce. Cherry Street is one of the busiest food banks in Washington state, serving as many as 5,000 individuals each week.


Every year, we donate a portion of our revenue to a cause or charity that we feel could use the help. This year, we're supporting Global Fund For Women a champion for gender equality, standing up for women and girls to be strong, safe, powerful and heard.

On top of our charity work and donations, we also offer all of our services at discounted and pro-bono rates to Non-profits and charities. When you choose Compass, you don't just get the best creatives and growth hackers, you get passionate people set on making a difference.

Northwest Harvest Cherry Street Food Bank